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Website Hosting

If you’re looking for a website hosting company with top-of-the-line security standards and the longevity that ensures you won’t have to switch providers, consider Infomedia’s track record. We’ve hosted thousands of websites securely, and with over twenty years in business, you can trust that we’re the best website hosting company for small business and corporations.

We handle all kinds of hosting, from our secure WordPress hosting service to our Craft hosting to custom web design hosting of all kinds. Whether your site is html, ASP, .net, PHP, Jumla or Expression Engine, we have experience hosting your kind of site. Looking for something different? Just ask.

Our hosting comes free with our stellar website support package, including trainings and assistance whenever you need it from our incredible U.S.-based support team. Website maintenance, backups and disaster recovery are included in all our hosting plans. Here’s what you’ll get when you choose Infomedia:

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is essential to keeping your site running smoothly. You’ll want to update your site when browsers release updates, when your CMS makes changes, and when online best practices change. Of course, you’ll also need to update your site for business changes, logo updates, new sales and products. How do you keep your site loading perfectly and communicating just what you need when you need it?

Enter Infomedia’s amazing support team. Support packages come standard with website maintenance; that means our team will be sure your site is updated even before you ask. It means we’re on top of security and functionality so you won’t have to worry about losing information or remembering to back up your data. And it means our team is always there to help you make content changes if you need them. How many website maintenance companies can say that?

Backup & Disaster Recovery

What happens when disaster strikes? That’s one of the scariest questions for a business owner, and it’s one you’ll never have to worry about when you choose Infomedia for your disaster backup recovery. We have a time-tested, proven database backup recovery plan that means, even if the worst happens, you won’t lose the website you worked so hard to build. You’ll get this security, plus free hosting and access to our incredible support team, when you choose Infomedia for website support. The peace of mind our clients get from knowing we’re set to handle anything is one of the most valued pieces of the Infomedia package.

Get Updates and Keep up with Changes

Internet best practices change frequently, and great websites keep up with those updates and changes, staying fresh and looking fantastic on all devices. But staying on top of updates, protecting your site against hackers and making sure your site is always performing its best can be overwhelming — that’s where the Infomedia support team comes in. We can also make quick content changes for you so the copy, photos and information on your website always stays fresh and accurate.

Service is the cornerstone of our business here at Infomedia, and our full-service web team is the core of what we do. Our online support team works on-site here in Birmingham, Alabama — we never outsource this all-important job. We work hard to protect your site and keep it looking good and functioning perfectly.


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