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Site Audit

Let’s face it — sometimes it’s hard to know if your website is working as it should. Are customers really connecting with the information on your site? Are potential leads finding your site and staying long enough to get to know your business and buy into your services? Are any pages in particular bringing people in or turning them away?

At Infomedia, we offer free Site Audits to any current or potential client. Wondering if Infomedia will be the right partner for your website? A site audit is your no-risk, no-commitment way of finding out if we’re a right fit and to access whether or not what we offer is right for your business.

When we create your Site Audit, we’ll look at your site’s structure and Analytics to access what’s working and what isn’t. We can use Analytics & Reporting to see which pages are attracting customers, which calls to action generate sales and leads, and we can identify areas that need to be readdressed for better performance. This helps us with website planning and creating site analysis sketches that we’ll share with you. After a Site Audit, some of our clients choose to hire us to create a new website, while others choose a refresh (a few simple tweaks that result in big performance changes). What you choose is up to you. A Site Audit is the first step to develop digital strategy that works for your business. Lead generation services and digital marketing for your business begin with this important step.

Infomedia’s commitment to provable and measurable results means it’s important for us to assess how your website is performing before we begin — and we’re proud to say we can help you evaluate whether or not your site is working for you. Wondering if you’re getting the most out of your website? We do no-charge site auditing to let you know about problems on your current site, and we also access the potential you have for greater sales and growth. How do we find out whether your site it working for you? Our Site Audit takes a look at everything from images to links to code to copy to see what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll make sure your site is responsive, evaluate your site speed and install an SSL if you need one. We also value Analytics and data reporting, where we gather data to show you how customers and potential customers are actually using your website, revealing what’s working for them and what isn’t.


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