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G Suite

G Suite (previously known as Google Apps) are a wonderful choice to improve productivity and consistency in the workplace. Ask about how Infomedia can connect you to your own Google products, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts and Google Docs.

Here at Infomedia, we trust Google Apps for our own office. We write in Google Docs, share files through Google Drive, schedule meetings using Google Calendar and chat in Google Hangouts. Our infomedia.com addresses are set up through Gmail, which we find indispensable. We love using G Suite for our company, and we’re confident that you’ll love it, too.

Here’s what G Suite has to offer:


When you run company email through G Suite, each of your employees gets email with all the features and functionality of a Gmail account — ease of use, searchability, robust storage and more — with a website address that’s connected to your company’s name. You’ll get an email address that’s a professional reflection of your business, and your employees will love the easy-to-use Gmail interface.

Google Drive

When you save files to Google Drive, they can be marked private, accessibly to only your group, accessible to your entire staff, or public. You can save photos, video and music files, documents and more. With Google Drive paired with Google Docs, you’ll have the ability to create, save and share documents instantaneously.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar makes it easy to coordinate your staff’s meetings. With Google Calendar, you can view and add to your own calendar or to anyone else’s on your team or staff. Group meetings and staff meetings become easier to schedule; everyone’s calendar can be viewed at once; meetings can include information about meeting location; all information can be easily changed and updated; alerts can be easily sent to everyone invited to your meeting.

Google Hangouts

Looking for a way to connect with out-of-town staff? Need to video conference someone into a meeting or a conversation? Want to brainstorm without leaving your desk? Google Hangouts give your team the freedom to connect virtually at any time.

Google Docs

With Google Docs, you can create and share documents easily — your teams can collaborate, comment, track changes and have instant access to shared documents. Google Doc’s options are similar to other word processing platforms, but with the increased usability and functionality of Google. Your documents can feature multiple pages, include highlighting, bold and other text options, handle formatting changes, be easily copied, viewed or shared and saved as a PDF.

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