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Photography & Video

Adding great images and quality video helps ensure that your website is perfectly tailored to your business, reflecting the best of what you do. Many web development companies rely completely on stock photography, and we have those resources as well. If your budget is limited and you’d like to use stock photography, we’ll set you up with images that can work for you. But for many projects, we know that custom photography and video work is the best choice. Your website visitors will love it, and your web design will ultimately look better as well.

We have a stable of content development pros to help create images for your website. Our photographers and videographers are the best of the best; they’ll make the process easy for you and your staff, and we’re sure you’ll love the images you get in return.

Website Photography

Great photography is key to an engaging and well-designed website. Whether you need product photography, environmental photos, portraits, details shots, our photographers are efficient and specialized in capturing fantastic images. If you don’t know what kind of photography you need for your website, that’s completely fine — our photographers and designers work together to provide the photos that will showcase your business in a way your customers love and you can be proud of.

Not every photo works for a website — most sites need images of exceptionally high quality so they can be displayed clearly on any size monitor. Hero images and sliders need to be sized properly so they display correctly on any size screen. And many website images, such as bio images for your about page, should follow a cohesive theme so they look good when displayed together. Professional website photographers are experts at getting all these details right.

Video Production

Video has grown in popularity at an incredible rate. As technology improves and videos get easier to load, display and play, video is going to be even more essential to your brand and business in the future. When you’re using social media, you’re probably already seeing the popularity of video explode. Amateurs are creating short videos for Instagram and Snapchat and gaining huge followings. Facebook videos are shared and liked, and they now play automatically in the newsfeed. Video is becoming essential to doing business.

As a business, how can you create videos within your budget? How can you be sure your videos are building your brand and looking professional? How can you use video to reach the people you want to reach? At Infomedia, our videographers, script writers and video professionals will help you create the right videos for your company, whether you need video for your website or for social media sharing.


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