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Copywriter Services

Words are important to your website. They help communicate your message to your clients, and they’re essential for ranking high in Google searches. Good website content can speak to people or get the attention of search engines — great website content does both.

Writing website copy can be a daunting part of the website process, and that’s why we offer copywriters to help our clients write copy. Our experienced copywriters are content development pros, and they can create content for your site through research, a site audit and rewrite of your old content, or through interviews with you or your staff. They’re also practiced at incorporating SEO and keywords so you’ll get the most out of digital marketing should you choose to include it.

Our copywriters do everything from writing websites to ghostwriting for blogs and even for social media accounts. We believe you’ll be pleased at how much value our copywriters can add to your website.

Hiring a copywriter to help with your website copy is highly recommended because our copywriters are trained to communicate your message in the most effective way possible. At Infomedia, we have expert copywriters on staff who can help you make your message clear and be sure to write website text that’s attractive to Google and other search engines.

Keywords and SEO

Words are the key to a website that performs well for you and your business. Excellent written content is essential to ranking high on a Google search because Google uses words — not pictures, video or other graphics — to decide what your website is about and whether it’s worth sharing. Words are also, of course, how you communicate your message to clients, so it’s important that your website text is clear, relatable and informative. Our copywriters are experts at incorporating keywords into your content so you’re optimized for search.

Content Audit

Do you already have website content but aren’t sure if it’s working the way it should? When we do a content audit, we assess how well your content is working for your business and for your customers. Sometimes, we find that your copy is great as it is; sometimes you’ll need a few tweaks and small changes, and sometimes you’ll want an overhaul of all your website content. Whatever your particular needs, Infomedia will meet you exactly where you are without overselling you on services you don’t need. A content audit can help us know where to get started.

Blog and Social Media Content

These days, most any business who’s serious about doing business on the Internet needs to have a blog and a social media presence — but many companies don’t have the time or the dedicated personnel that creating a timely blog and robust social media content takes. At Infomedia, we’re happy to help. We can write content for your business that’s targeted to your brand, your clients and your business. We’ll help create a plan for what to post, and we can even write the posts for you if you’d like.

Many of our clients choose blogging services — blogging provides regular, fresh content to Google, and that constant stream of content can be incredibly helpful in boosting your site’s performance in search. Your blogs are the perfect place to use your keywords to create targeted SEO for your business. The problem is, writing consistent blogs proves to be a challenge for many clients. Infomedia can solve that problem for you by having one of our copywriters handle your blog. We can write posts, incorporate keywords, and even post to your website if you’d like.


At Infomedia, we have skilled ghostwriters who write from the perspective of another person; that means that it’s your personality or business branding voice coming through, not the voice of the writer you hire. Ghostwriters work to perfect copy that sounds like it came from you, so you can “write” regular blog posts or newsletters to your staff or company even if you’re not a writer. Ghostwriters can work to mirror the tone of your website; they can create a fictional “personality” to write from, or they can interview you before they write blogs for you to be sure to strike the right tone for your business or your personality. Working with a ghostwriter can be fun, fulfilling, and can really give your website a boost.

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