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Analytics & Reporting

How do you know if your website is working for you? Leads and renewed interest are great markers, but our clients are focused on real, measurable results — and that’s where Analytics & Reporting come in. These tools give you actual numbers that show how your clients and customers are interacting with your website. Using tools like Google Analytics and Heat Maps, we’ll create site analysis sketches that outline the ways we think your site could be functioning better. Then we’ll help develop digital strategy that can win your more clients and more sales. And we can even train your staff to use Analytics on a regular basis to make your ROI even stronger.

Are Your Calls to Action Working?

You work hard to create a website with plenty of calls to action to encourage customer engagement. You might use buttons, in-line CTA, or other ways to get your website readers engaged. But are your calls to action working? Analytics can help you determine how people are interacting with your website and let you know what’s working and what needs to be tweaked.

Is Your Keyword Research Strategy On-Point?

If you’ve chosen an aggressive SEO and keyword strategy, you want to be sure it’s working that way you want. We can help you determine what traffic you’re trying to attract and use tools like Analytics to track whether your pages are getting the traffic you want.

Are Your Digital Ads Driving the Traffic You Expected?

Have you invested in pay-per-click ads or ad retargeting? Learn if it’s working by tracking your landing pages with Google Analytics — we’ll show you how so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your digital advertising dollars.

Easily Take the Pulse of Your Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager works with your Google Analytics account to allow you to more easily track conversions, button clicks, video plays and more, making it much easier to track how users are behaving on your site and whether your initiatives are working.


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