Lance Moore

Lance Moore is a treasure hunter. His home is wallpapered with maps, and he loves geocaching and searching out that elusive pot of gold. But it's not the prize that matters — it's the adventure that really counts. The same spirit that drives him to be a thrillseeker and a zealous (okay, sometimes overly zealous) board game competitor makes Lance just the man you want working SEO for your website. He's the Indiana Jones of keyword marketing, seeking out just the words and phrases that will mark the spot to your website.

Google, Google, Read All About It

When Google makes an announcement, you need to pay attention.  Google is giving webmasters over a months notice to follow their new guidelines in mobile friendliness.  They announced that on April, 21 the mobile search engine results will weigh more heavily on your site being mobile friendly. How to know if you’re ready Google has…
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