Writing Evaluation

Thanks for your interest in Infomedia! Below is a writing evaluation that will help us assess which position you’re best suited for with our company. The assessment should take at least two hours, and can take up to four hours. The evaluation is available as both a Microsoft Word document and as a Google Doc; both documents are exactly the same, so just download whichever format best suits your comfort level. You do NOT need to track changes.

When you’re finished, upload your completed assignment to this page. Your completed assessment MUST be uploaded to Infomedia within four hours of your original download in order to be considered, so be sure not to download the evaluation until you’re ready to begin. (If you experience a problem with your upload, you can email your test to jobs@infomedia.com.)

As much as possible, have fun — this assessment is just designed to familiarize you with a typical workload at Infomedia and be sure you’re a good fit for our team, not to be intimidating. The evaluation includes a lot of work, and some applicants may not be able to finish on time. We may still consider applicants who don’t finish the entire test, so don’t let that stop you from turning in your work.

Thanks for your time, and good luck!

Let’s Get Started

  • Only click "continue" when you are ready to begin. Evaluation must be complete four hours after clicking "continue."

Upload A Completed Writing Evaluation

  • Max. file size: 20 MB.
  • If you would like to submit a Google Doc instead of uploading a file, please include the link here.