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Not every business needs an intranet. But if you do complex work that requires lots of coordination behind the scenes and between departments, if your employees regularly need to access protected data, or even if you’re just looking for a way to connect your staff and boost employee morale — an intranet can be an excellent solution. At Infomedia, we’ve been building intranets for over 20 years — that means you can trust us to build a robust, secure intranet for your business and to support it for years to come.

The two main uses of an intranet are to share information and to facilitate communication, and we understand the unique challenges of both areas. If you’re thinking about creating an intranet for your company, you’ll want it to be safe and easy to use; you’ll also want to consider how well it performs remotely and who’s going to support and maintain your intranet after launch.

Security is paramount

An intranet is a central hub for searchable information that stays secure; it needs to be easy for your staff to access, but it needs to be protected from the public. Your intranet is a great place for document management, storage of processes and protected information, manuals, tips, guides and more — all the information your staff needs on a day-to-day basis, all in one place. When information is collected in one place, your staff won’t waste time searching for it — and you won’t waste money paying for inefficiencies.

Your intranet must be easy to use — or people won’t use it

We’ve all seen software fail because it was tricky or annoying to use. At Infomedia, we understand that your intranet is collaboration software — and in order to facilitate effective collaboration, your intranet has to work quickly and provide an excellent user experience. Our intranets are customizable, so you can put information where you need it. We include a search feature so information is easy to find. We help you structure information to prevent the need for multiple logins. We can create chat functions, forums, employee profiles and message boards to help facilitate communication. Your employees will be able to easily access information from your intranet, and if you choose, they’ll be able to connect with each other while doing it.

Will your intranet function well for mobile and remote employees?

Adapting any website for mobile access is challenging, but with the added security concerns of an intranet, creating mobile access can be even trickier. But with so many people using their phones to conduct business in the field, for some companies, mobile access is essential. When choosing a company to build your intranet, be sure to choose a company like Infomedia — we know how to create a mobile intranet, and we’re committed to creating a strong mobile intranet experience if that’s what your company needs.

If any of your staff members work remotely, we’ll work with you to be sure their needs are met and that they can access your intranet quickly — without sacrificing safety and security.

Who maintains your intranet?

Because it’s essential that your intranet adapt and change as your company grows and changes, it’s important to choose a web development company that includes a support package you can trust. At Infomedia, we create relationships with our clients that last for years, and website support and maintenance is a key part of that relationship. We’ll always be here to support your intranet and to run updates, create backups and help you adapt your site to changes in the market and in your business.


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