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Custom Web Development

Custom web development is essential to the long-term viability of your website. We’re a business website development company, and that means we build robust sites that function perfectly for our clients — our sites handle large amounts of traffic while staying safe and secure.

Custom development means you and your staff can easily update and adapt your site to any new promotions, sales or agenda items you want to communicate. We’re happy to make these updates, but we’ll also train your staff to make quick updates as a complementary part of our web design and web development service. We’re always on-call to make changes for you, but you’ll also be empowered to make them internally if you choose to do that. And because our sites are custom developed on open source platforms (WordPress and Craft), your website is yours and you’re not locked into your relationship with Infomedia — we want to keep you as a client because you’re continually impressed by our service, not because your trapped into proprietary development.

Custom App Development

Now that responsive design has taken over the website market, not every website needs a mobile app to be successful. But custom apps and mobile apps can still be excellent for your business, letting customers interact with your store, menu and more in a targeted and tailored way that can increase loyalty and build sales.

Mobile Site Development

Mobile site development used to be the go-to solution for ensuring that your site performs perfectly on tablets and smartphones just like it does on computers and laptops. Now, most companies can choose responsive design instead — a responsive website automatically sizes itself correctly for whatever screen it’s being viewed on. Learn more about whether responsive design is right for you by clicking here. For companies that truly need a mobile website, we’re happy to help! Sit down with us and let us show you what we have to offer.

For a large corporation or a small business, web design and development go hand in hand. Learn more about web design here.

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