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Custom Web Design

Need a New Website?

The right website can be a powerful business asset. It can generate leads, increase sales and drive business. It should be a customer resource center, a selling tool for your sales staff, and a strong representation of your business; a great website can show phenomenal ROI and a provable uptick in customer engagement. You should be proud of your website, and you should be secure in the fact that it’s growing your business. That’s exactly the kind of website we build at Infomedia.

How do we do it? We bring together an experienced, professional team to partner with you and discover exactly what’s right for your particular business — that’s different for everyone and every business, so we approach each project as unique, finding solutions that are right for you. Here are the skills and services we bring to the table:

Your Website Should Look Great and Function Perfectly

Custom Web Design and Custom Web Development work together: Custom design means the site looks great on any device, and we employ a robust site research and planning phase to get this right. Custom development is the coding that makes your site function perfectly and without glitches so customers can navigate the website easily. All of our sites are designed using Responsive Web Design, which means that they’ll look great on any device — laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone — or we can include Mobile Site Development or Custom App Development if that’s what your company needs. We also provide Social Media Integration so all your social sites — like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat — have a presence on your website.

Need a New Logo, Pictures or Text? We Can Help

If you already have the images and words that you want on your website, great — but if you don’t, our experts can get everything you need. Our services include Logo DevelopmentVideo Production, Photography and Copywriting for your website or blog.

Do You Use Your Website to Sell Products?

If you sell through your website, our Infomedia ecommerce solutions will make those transactions secure and seamless. Our Custom Ecommerce Design and specialized Bride & Gift Registry make even complex registries easy to create and maintain, and our support staff can assist you in setting up sales, calculating shipping and making sure each and every transaction that’s processed through your site is secure.

Need Customized Company Email Addresses and Calendars?

We trust the Google Apps package for our business, and we think you’ll love the customization, functionality and ease-of-use for your company’s customized email addresses and calendars as well.

Want a new look for your website?

Whether your website needs a facelift or a complete overhaul in functionality, we can help. The first step is a Site Audit so we can help determine what your site will need. Depending on the results, we can help you with anything from a refresh with new images and copywriting to more substantial changes to your site’s coding.

Adding new images, up-to-date website text, a fresh logo or even video to your site may be all you need to get the new look your website needs. Our team includes experience writers who help with Copywriter Services, photographers who specialize in Video Production & Photography, and designers who can help with Logo Development.

More in-depth changes include Responsive Web Design that makes your site look great on mobile, adding customized emails and calendars to your site with Google Apps, or streamlining your ecommerce options with our Custom Ecommerce Design solution or Bride & Gift Registry. We can also develop a custom Intranet for your company to keep your employees or customers connected and informed.

Logo Development

Creating a great brand for your company is essential for sales and customer loyalty, and a great brand starts with a solid logo. Your logo will most likely have a prominent place on your website; it may even be on every page. Not only that, but your business logo may be stamped on your items, might be part of everything from contracts to invoicing, and will be the first impression many potential clients have of your company. It’s essential to have a professional logo that works in a variety of formats, from website banners to social media circles and squares.

At Infomedia, we have experience designers who are experts in logo development. Whether you need a brand new logo or just want an update on an old design, they do amazing work and we’d love to share their expertise with you.

Come see our content development pros and see how logo development can benefit your business.

Responsive Web Design

Want your site to perform perfectly on mobile phones and tablets as well as on desktop computers and laptops? Mobile site development used to be your only option, but now responsive web design layout makes it easy to create one website that functions perfectly no matter the size of the screen and device.

Responsive design is better for your clients and customers because they can browse and buy from your site on any device. It’s also better for your company because Google favors sites that are designed responsively, meaning your business is more likely to rise higher in Google search rankings with a responsive web design layout.

Want to incorporate responsive web design? Designers at Infomedia are experts.

Social Media Integration

When you’re thinking about a new or improved website, social media integration is an important piece. Social media is not only an incredible branding tool, but a strong social media presence can actually be a powerful driver of traffic to your website. Because we’re a web design and development company, we can be sure social media is integrated in key areas on your site.

Social media integration on a website can include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. We can help you evaluate which social media channels you need, and we’ll help to seamlessly integrate them into your website as well.

Have questions about how Infomedia can integrate social media into your website? We’d love to share.

Is Custom Website Design the Right Choice for You?

Custom web design is the key to unlocking new markets and new leads for your business. It’s the only way to be sure your website functions in a way that’s perfectly integrated to you — that the brand you’ve built shines on every page, that navigation is clear and effective, and that your clients and customers see what you want them to see and take action in ways that benefit your bottom line.

At Infomedia, we’re committed to full-service web design. We begin with thorough industry research and interviews with you to discover exactly what you need — from web lead generation to secure intranets to online payment processing and everything in between. From there, we move on to website planning and to website design and development. Every step of the way, we check in with you, getting your input and approval on every page of your site.


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