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Craft Development

Here at Infomedia, we create custom websites using strong Content Management Systems. Which CMS is right for you? Lots of our clients use WordPress, but for many clients, Craft is the right choice. Here’s how to tell if Craft is the right choice of CMS for your business:

If you need a lot of custom functionality

WordPress is a great blogging platform, but for clients who need a more robust CMS that can handle some heavy lifting on the web, we recommend Craft. With Craft, you add that functionality from the ground up, so you’re building exactly what you need — that means your site can run better in the long run.

If you want more control over your page design

In many Content Management Systems, the design of your pages is set. In Craft, you can use Matrices and Blocks to build custom pages that still benefit from beautiful design. This means that, after your website launches, you can create a new page and have much more freedom to make it look the way you want it without contacting your website designer.

If you need advanced security

WordPress is a secure platform, but because so much of the world runs on WordPress, it’s also the target of hackers. Craft is a much more niche product — it’s not the default choice of hundreds of thousands of hobby bloggers like WordPress is. And because Craft is more customizable from the ground up, it’s less likely to be exploited by attackers.

If you don’t want to update plugins

Most custom WordPress sites rely on third-party plugins to do their jobs well, but Craft developers have more freedom to create their own functionality. This leads to a site that works together more seamlessly and isn’t subject to possible plugin breakages.

If you want to customize the back-end of your website

In Craft, you can organize the admin side of your website in a way that makes sense to you. This means you can create tabs that help you find content more easily and make quick work of changes that you want to make on your site.

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