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Bride & Gift Registry

Want to add a Gift Registry or a Bridal Registry to your custom ecommerce website? Gift Registries have lots of variables that make online ordering a challenge — at Infomedia, we created proprietary systems that meet these challenges head-on, making the process seamless, rewarding and profitable for our clients.

Through our Gift Registry and Bridal Registry, you can brand your customers’ registries to your company instead of sending customers to an outside site. They’d get links that they can share with family and friends who can order from you through your website. Shipping is integrated, and our Gift Registry can even sync with your POS system online to keep registries up-to-date.

Online ecommerce and website hosting solutions for wedding store registries

Looking for an easy, affordable solution for your store’s online wedding registry? Our wedding registry supports any type of product, from tableware to wedding china to flatware to linens to kitchen appliances.

You want a personalized bridal registry that’s branded for your customers, but you’re busy running your own brick-and-mortar store. Is there a quick bridal registry solution that fits your needs and your business? Yes! Our bridal registries are thoroughly tested, quick to set up, and easy to build, use and manage. They can be fully customized to complement your store’s branding and offerings so your customers know they’re registering at a store they already trust.

Start your wedding boutique’s registry with us. Let us manage the technical side of your wedding registry; our registry helps manage inventory and market your business to brides and wedding guests. We provide full ecommerce wedding registry solutions for bridal boutiques, gift boutiques and home goods wedding gift stores.

For years, we’ve worked with bridal boutiques, gift boutiques, specialty home stores and luxury gift stores to create wedding registries that function seamlessly with your existing inventory of home goods and bridal registry gifts. Our wedding registries are time-tested and reviewed positively by our clients.

What makes our customized bridal registries a cut above our competitors? We cover everything you need to list your fine gifts, tabletop products, home goods and luxury gifts in an easy-to-use registry. Here’s what sets our wedding registries apart:

Our Wedding Registry Makes Sharing Easy

Sharing functionality — bride can share her registry via email and social media, and bride can create a sharable link

Make Every Item in Your Bridal Boutique Available for Registry Listing — or Don’t

  • Create a registry button for any product in your online store
  • Add your entire inventory easily, or add registration capability to specific items

Easy Setup and Management for Your Branded Wedding Registry

  • Add new products simply and easily
  • Add a photo to each wedding gift listing
  • Registry is easy to create, manage and maintain

Easy for Brides to Use

  • No confusion between checkout and registry — avoid mistakes and missed sales
  • You keep customer information
  • Ability to let bride choose between shipping items or opting for in-store gift card

Easy for Guests to Use

  • You keep customer information
  • Add gift wrap functionality within registry
  • Shipping process is clear and simple to use

Test Our Bridal Registry Solution

Walk through our process. Want to give our bridal registry software a test-run? You’ll want to be sure your bridal store registry is easy to use, not just for you and your employees, but for your customers, too. Click here to take a tour of the customer experience you can offer your brides and grooms and the customers who buy from their wedding registries.

We’re excited about our Bridal and Gift Registry, and we love to show it off. Let’s set up a meeting to talk about how it could benefit you!

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