Cajun restaurant adds personality to site through fun imagery and bold colors

When Rougaroux approached Infomedia for a project, they didn’t have a website yet — so this one was really fun and creative for our team! Rougaroux’s main need was a website that could showcase their delicious cajun menu, hours of operation and location.

Creativity meets Cajun eats

Rougaroux gave our team full creative freedom with this project, and that’s one of the reasons we selected Jimmy McClure as the designer for Rougaroux’s website.

He’s artistic, innovative and extremely creative and talented, and he showcased his skills in every aspect of the project. Jimmy used fun, bright colors, animation and custom drawings to bring Rougaroux’s website to life.

Custom content brought to life

Infomedia also wrote website copy and shot gorgeous photos that are sure to have you craving a cajun feast at first glance.

Rougaroux was a fun, refreshing project for everyone involved, and we’re proud of how it turned out. The kitschy restaurant now has a beautiful website that features their menu and information in a bright, appetizing light.

Muffuletta and fries
Shrimp po-boy

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