Dark Tower

Finding the dark side of cybersecurity

Our client, DarkTower, came to us with a need for a new website that’s unlike anything we’ve ever created. DarkTower needed a creative, memorable website that showcased their mission: disrupting cyber crime through open-source intelligence.

A vision brought to life

It all started with the messaging guide where we gathered lots of visuals from the client — from superheroes to bat caves, they gave us a vision that got us excited. While a custom video wasn’t in the scope of work (and because we couldn’t get to a superhero’s lair), we went searching for stock videography that told their story. Our designer, Jimmy, found just the thing for DarkTower. It was almost exactly what the client had described, perfectly fitting their brand and logo.

Stock video tailored to fit perfectly

We mapped the motion of the film and rendered it to look exactly like their logo, and DarkTower ended up with a high quality, high production video that compliments their website and brand like nothing else could. The best part? When we presented the video and website to DarkTower’s team, their jaws dropped in excitement — They. Loved. It.

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