Crowne Partners

Crowne Partners gets a new look

Crowne Partners approached Infomedia wanting to go a different direction with their branding and website design. They appreciated modern, simple visuals and wanted their website to be organized and easy to navigate.

Luxury made simple

Crowne Partners is a vertically integrated real estate development company that builds ground-up multi-family and commercial developments. They have high standards for the properties they develop and strive to maintain luxurious experiences in their communities — and their new branding needed to represent that.

Though Crowne Partners wanted to make a statement with their branding, they also wanted to maintain a simple, clean aesthetic.

A royal brand reimagined

With all of that in mind, the Infomedia team got to work. We designed and developed a website that’s visually interesting without sacrificing simplicity, and we updated the website’s messaging to better communicate the company’s story and purpose. 

Infomedia also delivered a comprehensive brand guide that covers all aspects of the visuals, from logo usage to colors to fonts and more, which will serve as an asset to Crowne Partners and for years to come.

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