Carrie Rollwagen

Branding and a website for a local-minded author

Carrie, our VP of Strategic Planning, approached the Infomedia team without a personal logo or brand and unsure of what direction she wanted to take.

Initials with a meaning

The designer, Samantha Humphries, decided to use Carrie’s initials to see how the C and R could work together for her new logo, eventually landing on an apostrophe-like punctuation mark containing the two letters that sits above Carrie’s name.

The mark can also stand alone if needed.

A brand with a purpose

Samantha also made sure that the new logo would complement Carrie’s Localist branding in order for her to create cohesive co-branded content.

Carrie ended up with a beautiful new website in addition to the branding, and our team was excited to have the opportunity to execute a project for one of our own.

Two people sitting down and having a beer in a restaurant
Two people sitting down and having a beer outside on a table

Carrie ended up showing some photos of book covers that she liked, which proved to be an excellent starting point to create the color palette for her brand.

Digital Brand Guide

Infomedia created a comprehensive, cohesive brand guide for Carrie. Her new distinct guidelines build authority, serve as a standard to prevent confusion between other brands and help her communicate effectively.

A phone scrolling through a website

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