How to Write Captions for Each Social Media Platform

Show Notes


  • Host Carrie Rollwagen introduces the topic of social media captions and the importance of tailoring them to each platform.
  • Guest, Alana Harmond, is introduced as the Marketing Manager at Infomedia.

Tips for Writing Social Media Captions:

  • Different captions for each platform are necessary due to varying character limits and audience demographics.
  • Writing in a human, not robotic voice is emphasized.


  • Audience skews younger, aged 18 to 34.
  • Second most preferred customer service social media platform after Facebook.
  • Emphasis on visual content; mentioning the importance of front-loading important information in captions.


  • Despite popular belief, it is the most used platform worldwide with significant daily active users.
  • Performs better with images; allows longer form writing.

Twitter (X):

  • Twitter remains popular with an audience skewing slightly older and more male.
  • Engaging longer tweets tend to get more engagement.
  • Images not as important, use of hashtags recommended but limited to two.


  • Specific audience of young professionals and business-focused users.
  • Longer form writing performs better; suitable for repurposing content and discussing services.


  • Refreshing and necessary for business owners to update themselves annually in response to evolving platforms.
  • A fun personal anecdote about an app for deleting photos.

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