What pages should I have on my website?

Janna Stevens poses for a picture at the Infomedia office.

Websites often have pages such as About Us, Bios, Contact and Services — these are good starters to have on your website’s site map because those pages tell people about your business, and they’re good for SEO.

What should be on your About page? This page is a great place for your company’s mission, history, values and some information about how your business came to be. It’s a little bit of a vanity page, but it’s necessary in order for people to get information about who you are.

If you have a Bios page on your website, it’s good to have some introductory text about who your team is, as well as photos, names and titles. You can also link to individual bio pages if you’d like to go into more detail about each of your team members. Some businesses prefer to combine the About page and the Bios page. If you’d like more information about writing website bios, check out this episode of One Quick Question with Alana Harmond, Content Strategist.

It’s also important to have a Contact page, but it’s not necessary to have a ton of content here. You can add some brief introductory text, a contact form (if you’d like) and your business’s address and phone number. This page is also a great place to put a Google Maps embed to help people easily locate your business.

A Services page is a great place to list out your top services. Some businesses like to have subpages for each service, but it’s not necessary to do that unless you have lots of content to support individual services pages.

If you’d like to showcase your work, a Portfolio page is a great place to do that. You can create a gallery of your projects and include photos, budget, size and location for each project. Be sure to think about this before you commit to it, though, because it’s important to have enough content to support each project.

This week’s episode of One Quick Question is part of a collaboration with the Localist podcast. Be sure to tune into this week’s episode of the Localist to hear more from Janna!

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