What is styling?

Katey Benton poses for a picture at the infomedia office.

Every video or photo shoot requires some level of styling. Styling is the process of making your video or photos look good without people noticing that you look your best. This can include your wardrobe, office, backdrop, food — there are lots of things that can be styled for a shoot.

If we’re taking a photo of someone’s desk, it usually looks like a total mess without styling — even if it’s a tidy desk to begin with. There are tons of little things that we don’t always think about, like fluffing pillows or straightening things that are hanging on the wall. These are minor details, but they can make a big difference in your photos or videos!

If you’re shooting food, you’ll likely need to budget for a food stylist. They have kits full of things that can make your food look more appealing — either by making it taller, making it glisten and glow or something of the like. There are lots of local food stylists, and they can style food from the menu all the way down to the plates, utensils and backdrop. Food stylists are also usually chefs, so they know their stuff when it comes to making food that looks (and tastes) good. 

It’s also a common misconception that the photographer you hire will always do the styling for you. That’s not true, although they can help you with angles and small details. 

Infomedia has a studio that we use for photo and video shoots. We’ve built shelves into the wall, and we like to deck them out to make it look like we’re at the client’s office. It’s really helpful when clients bring swag or things that reflect their brand or industry. That way, we can transform the studio to make their photos and videos look more personal and really make it theirs.

Ultimately, styling is about setting a stage that reflects who you are and what you do!

Katey Beck

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