What is StoryBrand?

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When you’re thinking through the content for your website, StoryBrand is an approach that you can use to focus on your client. StoryBrand puts your customer as the hero of your story, and you’re the guide. It can be easy to talk about ourselves on our websites, but we need to switch the narrative and talk about our users and how we can help guide them to achieve their goals.

Here’s an overview of StoryBrand and how to use it:

  1. Identify your character. Who is your hero? Why are they coming to you?
  2. Identify the problems. What is the external dilemma for your client? What is the internal problem? What is the philosophical problem?
  3. Identify yourself as the guide. What makes you empathize with your client?
  4. Identify your authority. What makes you special? What sets you apart from the rest?
  5. Identify the plan. What’s your three step process?
  6. Identify your call to action. What do you want your client to do next?
  7. Identify the potential for success and failure.
  8. Tie all of this together — restructure your content to guide your hero to that success.

Infomedia has gone through this process, and we’ve helped a number of clients apply StoryBrand to their content as well. If you’re interested in learning more about StoryBrand, there are a couple of books we recommend: Building a StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple — both by Donald Miller. 

If you’d like to go through the StoryBrand process, we highly recommend working with a consultant — they’ll help you get out of your comfort zone and get away from your usual way of thinking and writing. We recommend StoryBrand for all kinds of companies — big or small, new or old — we think everyone can benefit from simplified messaging.

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