What is an iFrame?

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At its basic level, an iFrame is what you use to embed something into a website. In many cases, an iFrame is some type of third party functionality such as a scheduling tool or a YouTube video. You’ll copy some code from the third party source and add it to the backend of your website.

Lots of our clients use iFrames for staffing systems and things like that — if you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, it’s less costly and time consuming to embed an iFrame into your website. iFrames aren’t too complicated to work with, and WordPress has some blocks that are built to work with iFrames. If you’re not comfortable with adding some code to your website, it’s probably best to hire a developer to help you.

There are some limitations to iFrames, though. If you have code embedded from a third party, you won’t have control over it. If you have a YouTube video embedded as an iFrame and YouTube goes down, your iFrame will go down too. iFrames may also limit your ability to style whatever you’re adding to your website — usually you’re limited to whatever choices the third party gives you.

Russell Marbut

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