What is content entry?

Alana Harmond, Content Strategist at Infomedia, discusses content entry for websites. The Infomedia team talks about content every day, both internally and with clients. You may be unsure of what content actually means in the context of a website — it’s the photos, videos and text that make up your website. Infomedia has a content-first website philosophy, meaning that it’s better to build a website around content rather than trying to fit content into a website. Content is gathered prior to designing and building a website, but it’s entered after the website is built.

What should you keep in mind when gathering content for your website? Good quality photos and videos make a world of difference in showing who you are and what you do. Photos of people, products and services are an excellent way to make your business stand out. In terms of copy, we recommend starting with one central copy document — it can be organized by website pages for your team to review, edit and finalize for the new site. If there are videos you would like to show on your site, those need to be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube first, since it’s harder to host videos directly on a website.

The more you enter content, the more you learn.

Alana Harmond

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