What is a splash page?

Pam Sanderson poses for a photo outside.

A splash page is a temporary webpage that can be published as a placeholder until your new website is ready. Websites can take some time to build, so sometimes it’s helpful to have a page with your contact information, some information about your business and a few photos. Splash pages usually aren’t around for long — just until your site is ready to go.

Anytime you do a huge update on your website, like rebuilding or redesigning your website, it can cause SEO traffic to go down. It usually takes some time for Google to reindex your site (it can even take months).

Splash pages are generally used for businesses that don’t have websites yet. If you already have an existing website but want to change it up without redoing your whole site, you can get what we call a homepage refresh. We can redesign your homepage first, and then the rest of the site build can come later.

A splash doesn’t last forever — it makes an impact for a little bit of time, and then it’s gone. You can think of splash webpages the same way! They’re just temporary placeholders used while your real website is being built.

Pamela Sanderson

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