What is a redirect?

Pam Sanderson poses for a photo outside.

In this episode, Pam Sanderson defines what redirects are, how they can help retain traffic on your website, and how they can help you avoid having 404 (page not found) errors.

Pam explains that a redirect is a way to shift one website address to another. So, if you have a website already and purchase another domain, you can redirect the new domain’s URL back to your original website. Using redirects helps avoid 404 (page not found) errors and, in turn, allows you to retain website traffic. If you delete a page from your website, you can redirect the page’s URL to a new page and keep users on your site.

If you want to set up redirects, you can use plugins through WordPress or set them up with your domain registrar. And, if you have many pages that need to be redirected, you can also work with your web developer to expedite the process.

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