What is a pixel?

Michael Kierspe poses for a picture next to some shelves at the infomedia office.

A marketing pixel is a piece of code that you add to your website to send data (usually tracking and marketing data) to other sources. Facebook coined the term, and they use pixels to optimize ad campaigns based on conversion events, which in turn helps them serve ads to people who are more likely to take action.

How does this work? Put simply, you put Facebook’s pixel on your website. Then, Facebook will use the data received from that pixel to match up the people visiting your website to profiles on Facebook. Facebook then matches ads to those specific people and serves them ads that they’re more likely to respond to.

Who needs to have a Facebook pixel? If you’re running ads on Facebook, you need to use a Facebook pixel. The pixel will send Facebook information about what people are doing on your website, and that information goes a long way in helping ads perform better.

And lastly, how does installation work? If you’re using a page builder like SquareSpace, it likely has the Facebook Pixel integration built in — you’ll just need to find the pixel’s number and plug it in to your platform, which will then implement the pixel. Facebook also gives you multiple options when it comes to installation — you can tell them you want to do it yourself or have them email instructions to a developer. If you have a website with Infomedia, call us! We’re happy to help you install the pixel.

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