What is a landing page?

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A landing page is a webpage that’s typically used for marketing purposes. If you want to track your traffic, a landing page can be geared to an advertisement and an action you’re trying to get your customer to accomplish. A landing page is easier to track than a normal page on your website, such as your homepage, because lots of people will be going to your homepage.

If you have a landing page and you find that it isn’t converting like it should be, you should pivot. Start by changing the ad itself or focus on the visuals and copy if you want to direct to the original ad.

Usually, each section of the page will have a call to action with the goal of getting someone to be a customer. If the potential customer passes the first section of the page, they’ll see another section with more information.

If a client asked us to build a landing page, we’d first talk to them about what they’re trying to accomplish. What are the goals of the page, and what should the calls to action be? Once we have that information, we’ll build out the landing page and ensure that we hit those selling points and calls to action.

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