What is a hamburger menu?

Brad David poses next to some technology at the infomedia office.

A hamburger menu is a small icon that is generally three horizontal lines representing a menu. It came into primary use when mobile responsive websites started happening. We use them on every site — we’ll have a text menu on a large screen, and when the screen gets smaller and there’s not enough space for all those words, it changes into a smaller icon.

When we say “menu,” we’re referring to the tabs at the top of a website that lets you navigate to different pages. A large percentage of people using the internet are using mobile devices, so hamburger menus have become very common. Using a hamburger menu eliminates the clutter of having a bunch of words on a mobile responsive website.

There are a number of ways you could accomplish a hamburger menu. At Infomedia, we have a standard code that we use to do this on our websites. Usually, the code is javascript — if it’s bad javascript, the menu may not function at all or the styling might not look right. But if you’re a client with us, we can assure you that your hamburger menu will function just right!

Brad Davis

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