What is a brochure site?

Pam Sanderson poses for a photo outside.

A brochure site is a website that talks about your business and the products or services that you offer. It doesn’t include ecommerce — it’s just a website about your business and what you can do for your customers.

Typically, brochure sites aren’t huge websites, and there usually isn’t a lot of custom functionality. They have more content than bells and whistles. Most clients that we work with start with a brochure site, and we’ll add more functionality (aka things that require custom coding) as the website grows.

You’ll want to be sure to include calls to action on your brochure site because you’re still trying to guide people to do something when they visit your website. Some other things you may want to include on a brochure website include services pages, a portfolio section that gives information about your projects and a testimonial page or blog feature.

A brochure site is a great starting point! You can DIY one with a site builder, or Infomedia can build it for you. As your business grows, your website will likely need to grow, too, which means you’ll likely need more functionality and features. 

Infomedia builds on a framework that we know is a solid foundation, so as we continue to add things for our clients, we know the website can handle it. (That’s one of the benefits of using a web development company like us!)

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