When is videography better than photography?

It’s important to have compelling content on your website — and content can be videos, photos, words, etc. Sometimes, though, videography is better than photography because videos can better explain how your services or products may fit with what your potential customers are looking for.

Generally, videos can communicate more than photos and text can. If your business has more complex offerings of products or services, a video is a great way to fully capture who you are, what you do and how you solve your customers’ problems.

While it’s possible to make a video on your own, hiring a professional videography team is never a bad idea. Professionals have the equipment, skill and expertise to ensure that you end up with a great result that works well for the web.

Keep in mind that if you’re posting a video directly to your website, that large of a file has the potential to slow your website loading speed. Instead of uploading videos directly to your site, it’s a good idea to embed them from another source like YouTube or Vimeo (learn more about this here).
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Clay Conner

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