How do you use your transcription app?

Have you ever had an amazing idea while driving and didn’t have the means to write it down? Transcription apps take your speech and format it into text, so all you have to do is talk into your phone, and the app writes down what you say.

As a writer, Carrie uses these tools often — especially when suffering from writer’s block and looking to brainstorm in different ways. She uses an app called Otter, which is a machine learning AI that recognizes specific speech patterns and translates them to text. If Otter misinterprets certain words (like changing Infomedia to Indonesia, for example), you can teach it to recognize the word and adjust it whenever it hears it. You can also have the app transcribe meetings so that everyone present can quickly reflect on what was discussed.

The world is changing, and technology is changing even faster. These tools we could never imagine using in our wildest dreams are now available in our pockets. So next time you have trouble compiling your ideas onto paper, try transcription! It’s easy to use and makes a variety of time-consuming tasks as easy as pressing a button.

Carrie Rollwagen

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