How do I run social media for a small company?

Today’s episode is another iteration of our live podcast series, One Quick Question Live. Alana Harmond, Marketing Manager, shares insight on how to run social media for a small business, from planning and scheduling to shooting photos, batching content, and more.

Alana has lots of experience running social media. Before she joined the team at Infomedia, Alana was a social media intern at UAB for three years, and she learned a lot about planning, gathering content and copywriting for social media.

During this episode, Alana breaks it down into two main categories: strategy and content. During the strategy phase, you’ll define your goal for being on social media. Once you know what you want to get out of it, determine what platforms you want to post on, and how often.

Alana highlights a few points when it comes to social media strategy:

  • How to define your goal
  • What goes into a monthly strategy/schedule
  • Ways to automate your social media posts

After you’ve determined your social media strategy, it’s time to plan your content. During this phase, you’ll put together all the photos, graphics and captions you need in order to execute your strategy.

Alana covers a few points to keep in mind when it comes to content for social media:

  • Using Canva to create graphics
  • How to batch content and plan photoshoots
  • Ways repurposing content can help you with consistency

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Alana Harmond

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