Building Social Media Channels for a New Business

Russell is a Developer here at Infomedia, and he also co-owns Ohm Jiu Jitsu in Avondale, which opened in February 2023. Since Ohm is a new business, that means Russell is building the social media platforms from the ground up — which takes a lot of strategy and consistency.

Jiu jitsu is a visual art, so Russell is mostly focused on Instagram and YouTube — both of which heavily prioritize video content. Ohm’s social media showcases lots of videos of their people doing jiu jitsu and the gym itself, giving the audience an inside look at what classes are like. 

Russell has been very protective over Ohm’s branding and marketing so far in hopes of avoiding being too flashy and salesy. He also wants his branding to stand out in the jiu jitsu world, as oftentimes, branding isn’t something gyms want to invest in. But that’s common for small businesses in other industries too — small business owners tend to be selective about spending money, and branding seems easy enough to DIY. 

But Russell chose to invest in his logo and branding, and that investment has gone a long way and played a big part in building Ohm’s social media. Russell’s biggest piece of advice is to hire a reputable designer to do your logo and branding — it’s worth the investment. 

Russell also suggests hiring a media company to shoot photos and videos for your social media content. The more content you have at the beginning, the more consistent you’re likely to be on social media. Infomedia shot lots of the photos and videos on Ohm’s social media!

You can check out Ohm Jiu Jitsu on YouTube and Instagram.

Russell Marbut

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