What’s the best way to plan a photoshoot for social media?

Gathering content for social media can seem like a daunting task, but effectively planning photoshoots can help your strategy run smoothly. We recommend having photoshoots every so often to ensure that you have a bank of content you can fall back on.

Here’s how we plan our shoots:

  • Determine a date and location for the shoot.
  • Make a list of who will participate in the shoot.
  • Create a shot list to ensure that you capture everything you need.

If you have the ability to use a professional photography team, that’s awesome! Photographers are trained to stay on schedule, shoot for a shot list and edit to maintain consistency. But if you’re not able to work with a professional team, that’s okay too. The more you shoot for social media, the better you’ll learn what works for you and what you need to capture.

If you’d like to hire a team to capture content for social media, our team is equipped to shoot, edit and deliver photos for any purpose. Get in touch with us today!

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