How to Plan Photos for Your Website

In this episode, Carrie discusses the challenges of incorporating photos into a website design and offers tips on how to plan and choose photos that work well with the design. Websites are dynamic, so it’s important to consider the shape of the photos and how they’ll appear on different devices.

Carrie suggests compiling your existing photos, naming and organizing them, and determining if they effectively communicate the desired message of your website. She also provides guidance on working with professional photographers, including discussing the desired shapes and sizes of photos, creating a shot list and preparing the subjects of the photos for the shoot.

Carrie recommends practicing taking photos yourself to better communicate your preferences to the photographer, and offers tips on naming and arranging photos for easy access.

This week, Carrie’s been loving her desk treadmill! She enjoys being able to walk while she’s working — it helps her feel productive even when she’s dealing with mundane tasks.

Carrie Rollwagen

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