What is a pass through email?

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When you have an email, you also have an email box — that means that when the email hits the server, it goes to an inbox. A pass through email doesn’t have a box, and it’s not landing in your personal inbox. When you send an email to a pass through email, it’s going to forward to another inbox. In simple terms, a pass through email is just a forwarding email — it’s similar to sending something to a forwarding address in the mail.

Why would you need to use a pass through email? For starters, maybe you want to keep using your personal email, but you also have email set up on your domain. You can set up your email on your domain to forward to your personal email. It’s also cheaper, because pass through emails are usually free!

Another reason you may use a pass through email is for group purposes. For example, info@infomedia.com is a pass through email that goes to a group of people on our team — it doesn’t have its own inbox, but anyone who is set up to be on that pass through will receive the emails that are sent to it.

There are a few drawbacks to using pass through emails. They often get caught up in spam, and for that reason, it’s easy for those emails to get lost. You can get around this by marking it as “not spam” and moving it to the correct box, and that way in the future it won’t be recognized as spam.

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