How can I optimize my blog for SEO?

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When it comes to blogging, SEO (search engine optimization) is an important consideration. You want your content to be found and read by people, and SEO is the way to make that happen. Lots of people have blogs on their websites solely for the SEO value, and there are some best practices to consider.

When you’re brainstorming what to write about, you should keep SEO and keywords in mind. There’s a great tool called that allows you to search for a keyword, and then it gives you a list of related questions that people are asking on search engines. Once you have a list of questions, you can answer those through the content on your blog. Google loves that!

If you’re not sure where to start with keywords, it’s not a bad idea to contact a digital marketing company (like our sister company, Uptick Marketing!) There are also free tools that you can use to help you with keywords. Once you’ve determined your keywords, try to incorporate them into the title and meta description of your blog. A meta description is a brief description of your blog that Google uses to build the search result.

Another best practice is to have at least one headline in your blog. It’s best to start with H2 as the headline format, and subheadings should be H3, H4, etc. Heading tags are there for a good reason — you’ll get a lot more value out of a heading tag than you would with normal formatting like bold and italics. 

Once your blog is written and published, you’ll probably want to share it on social media. You can then use tools like Open Graph to tell social media channels which image to pull for the preview. If you don’t have Open Graph on your site, it’s best to talk to a professional developer to get that set up.

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