Can I use old photos on my new website?

Photos are an important part of your website. You want to use the media on your site to put your business in its best light — but what if your photos are dated? Is it a bad idea to use those photos? It depends on the situation.

If you have photos of your projects that were taken in the past, that’s usually fine as long as the photos are high resolution. On the other hand, it may not be the best idea to use outdated headshots or low resolution photos. You want your headshots to reflect what your team currently looks like.

Think about where you’re placing the photos in question. In general, it’s best to use high resolution photos no matter where you’re putting them on your site. Consistency is also a best practice, so we suggest maintaining a uniform editing style. If you’re using a combination of old and new photos, there are tools that can help with color grading to maintain consistency (or you can hire a professional to help!).

If you’re in need of photos that you can use for the long haul for any purpose you need, get in touch with us. We have a professional photography team ready to collaborate with you and deliver photos based on your unique needs.

Clay Conner

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