How do you use Lightroom?

Alana is Infomedia’s Marketing Manager and producer of One Quick Question, which means her job requires a constant flow of media. And photos taken for Infomedia’s social media have to be edited, produced, and posted quickly to keep things on track — so how does Alana make it happen? Adobe’s Lightroom is one of Alana’s favorite tools to use for editing photos.

Lightroom gives users the ability to use presets, which are preset settings that adjust photos with one click, which can speed up the editing process even more. Color, sharpness, haze and lighting are all adjusted to give the photo the quality the preset is labeled as. Alana prefers Lightroom over Photoshop because Lightroom focuses mostly on editing the qualities of the photo, whereas Photoshop is mainly used for heavy-duty photo editing. 

Alana has used Lightroom for years, so lots of what she knows about Lightroom has been discovered with experience. But you can use resources like Skillshare and/or YouTube when starting with Lightroom. All the adjustable options can be intimidating initially, but after a few tutorials, you’ll be using Lightroom like a pro!

Alana Harmond

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