How did you get your job?

Matt has had an interest in programming since he was young. He enjoyed playing programming-based games and fiddling with basic code, not realizing that those things would eventually be integral to his career. In his early adulthood, Matt decided to fully lean into programming — he worked a warehouse job during the day and taught himself programming at night. Soon enough, Matt became a full-time programmer, which led him to where he is now: a Senior Developer at Infomedia.

There are lots of things Matt loves about his career in development, but ultimately, he’s driven by his apt ability to solve problems. He’s persistent about solving even the most challenging problems — almost to a fault. But to Matt, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of gratification once you finally discover a solution.

If you’re interested in a career in development, Matt recommends trying it out on a smaller scale before fully committing to see if you have an aptitude for it or not. There are lots of resources available for people who are interested in development, but aren’t ready to invest in a bootcamp or something similar.

Matt Cross

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