How did you get your job as Head of Project Strategy?

Janna Stevens is Infomedia’s Head of Project Strategy, which is kind of a fancy way of saying that she manages the project managers. Previously, Janna managed our Content Strategy department and took on a more advisory role to help clients decide what content they wanted on their websites. Now, we’ve coined the term “Project Strategy” to represent the combination of responsibilities in Janna’s department (project management and content strategy). 

Before coming to Infomedia, Janna worked in recruitment marketing on an HR team, and while she enjoyed the marketing side of things, she didn’t have much access to the rest of the company’s marketing team, which led to feelings of isolation in her role. But then Janna attended one of Infomedia’s Lunch & Learn events, and when she eventually decided to pursue another job, she applied at Infomedia. Carrie, our podcast host, interviewed Janna and ultimately she joined the team as Content Strategist. 

Janna has lots of other experience that helps her succeed in her role, including a previous role in software training and a teaching degree — both of which come in handy in a client-facing role that involves working with websites and content.

Janna has been an integral part of shaping Infomedia’s Project Strategy department into what it is today, and we’re extremely grateful that she’s a part of the team. If you’re interested in starting a career in project management, Janna recommends looking into project management courses and subscribing to the Project Management Institute’s blog to keep up with the latest industry news. If you’re interested in a content-focused career, Janna suggests that knowing how to write, think creatively, advise clients and work independently are important skills to have.

Alana Harmond

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