How do you stay organized?

Today on the podcast, Janna is talking with Carrie about organizational methods and strategies. As the Head of Project Strategy, Janna has a ton of different tasks to accomplish throughout the week — if she doesn’t stay organized, something is bound to fall by the wayside.

When interviewing, Carrie always asks the question “How do you stay organized?” to each interviewee. People wanting to work in media, marketing, design, tech or management must be highly organized in order to keep themselves on top of these fast-paced, ever-changing industries. 

Janna utilizes mainly color-coding, calendars and Google Drive to accomplish her tasks. Her email labeling system is so effective that Carrie decided she was going to adopt Janna’s method as well. Trello is also an excellent tool to not only keep yourself organized, but your team members as well. Trello updates the progress of projects in real time, so everyone who has access to the board can see what has been accomplished and what is left to complete. 

Whether you are handwriting lists or using organization software, there is always more we can learn about how to effectively and efficiently attack the day and stay productive.

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