How can I stay organized with Google Keep?

When it comes to managing websites, solving problems and keeping up with clients — among other things — organization is very important. One tool that helps us stay organized is Google Keep. It’s already in your Google account, and you can access it through Gmail (it’s the lightbulb icon on the right sidebar). Google Keep is best used in conjunction with email — if you have an email selected, you can “keep” it as a note.

If you’ve ever written an email response and thought, “I’d like to save that to use later,” Google Keep makes it easy to do that. You can save the email as a note and you won’t have to go searching for it later. Email templates are efficient and convenient — sometimes responses are technical and you don’t want to reinvent the wheel every time. Templates also support consistency, which is key in client communications.

But Google Keep doesn’t stop at email — you can use it to make other notes, too. Think of it as an extension of your email that’s used for note-taking and saving things for later.

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