How can I get leads through my website?

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Are you wondering how to get more leads through your website? If you ask us this question, we’ll first suggest narrowing down a few things. What kind of leads are you looking for? What actions do you want your customers to take on your website? Does the user flow of your website make sense, and do you have clear calls to action?

If you’re looking for leads, you’re generally looking for a new customer. It’s important for your website to tell users what your business does and why they should work with you. In order for a potential customer to give you their email address, you need to make sure you’re delivering value to them.

There are a few things that you can reasonably expect your website to do for your customers:

  • Give clear calls to action.
  • Provide content that warms your customers up to the idea of your business.
  • Give examples of why they should work with you (testimonials, examples of your work, etc.).

When it comes to your website’s user experience, start with looking at Analytics to see how your users are moving through the site and the actions they’re taking. Then ask someone (ideally someone who isn’t familiar with your business) to test out your website. See if they’re able to find out the problem you solve for your customers and easily get more information from you. If not, it’s probably time to tune up or look into a website redesign!

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