Why are you into film photography?

Russell’s a Developer at Infomedia, but he’s also picked up a new interest in photography —  specifically film photography. In the digital age of photography and film, it seems that film photography has been made obsolete. However, Russell is adamant that there are certain qualities that film has that cannot be recreated with digital photography.

Why use film instead of digital? Though Russell admits that using film can be a costly and laborious process, it adds character to your work and makes it feel more alive. Modern digital photography is sometimes criticized for being too sharp, sterile and clean, which is perfectly fine, but lacks a certain human sensibility.

There are still facilities in Birmingham that make and process film such as Electra Film Labs, if someone were to want to get into the hobby. Old film cameras that won’t clear out your bank account can be found at second hand shops like What’s on Second?. There’s also a great camera shop in Montgomery called Hope Camera Brokerage.

Paul, the technical director of One Quick Question, shares a neat tip for all photographers wanting to add a rustic quality to their photos. Older lenses can be easily adapted to most digital systems, giving your shots a unique look — whether it be from haze on the lens or something else, it’s a great way to add new fun characteristics to your shots.

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