What is dynamic content?

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When we talk about dynamic content, we’re referring to content that’s pulled into a feed automatically. Some examples of this are blogs, portfolios and event feeds — lots of people may have a section on the Homepage of the website that pulls this content in automatically, and that’s what makes it dynamic. Whoever edits the website won’t have to manually add the newest blog post to the Homepage because it pulls in on its own. You can pull content in dynamically all over your website — it doesn’t have to be the Homepage.

If you’re pulling in a blog, events feed or portfolio into another page of your website as dynamic content, be sure to keep it updated and current. With blogs, we recommend posting at least once per month. If you have an events feed, the frequency you need to update depends on how often you have events — but make sure to add events to the feed when you have them. If you have a portfolio, we recommend trying to update it once or twice per month. 

Keeping your content updated will establish you as a trustworthy, current business — and Google loves consistency, so that’s another plus.

Pamela Sanderson

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