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Your website is the storefront for your business, so you want to make sure it represents you well. The real challenge is finding the right balance between engagement and clarity, and Janna covers several points to help you nail it. 

When Janna’s not at work, you’ll often find her slaying at a skating rink — she’s our resident roller derby queen. She was on skates for the entirety of this live episode, so it’s only fitting that she found a way to relate website strategy to roller derby. 

There are a few crucial components to playing roller derby successfully: strategy, tactics and avoiding penalties. Those same principles can be applied to your website.

Janna doesn’t go into a derby bout without a strategy — just like the best websites have to start with clear goals. And like a skilled derby player avoids penalties, you’ll need to navigate your website plans skillfully so that you avoid any potential pitfalls.

Janna covers several tips to develop a better strategy for your website:

  • Making a plan
  • Using photos for impact 
  • Using your website messaging to convey your brand’s personality
  • How to freshen up your content
  • How to get feedback and determine performance

When Janna receives a penalty in roller derby, she sees them as an opportunity to grow and learn. That’s a good mindset to have when it comes to your website, too.

Check out the Druid City Derby website here!

Janna Stevens

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