Can AI build my website?

AI can help with lots of tasks, and it’s a helpful tool for brainstorming and drafting ideas. But can AI build a website? The short answer is no — at least not right now. Some web developers are worried about losing their jobs and being replaced by AI. That fear is mainly because of ChatGPT, which is likely the most advanced AI tool.

ChatGPT is versed in coding languages, so it is capable of writing code. It can perform some specific development tasks, but it’s not capable of building a website that’s complete and effective. It can also help evaluate code and locate broken pieces of code.

Similarly to using ChatGPT for writing copy, if you’re using it to write code, it’s important to check the results for errors. ChatGPT isn’t perfect, and although it works extremely well in some cases, there are other cases where it doesn’t.

Michael Stuckey

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