How do I add a video to my website?

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One of the best ways to add videos to your website is to utilize YouTube. YouTube in and of itself is an asset because it may show up in search results or in the suggested videos section. YouTube is a much bigger platform than most websites, and it’s also a huge search engine. By putting your content on YouTube, you’re giving yourself more opportunities for your content to be found and shown to people. 

There’s also the performance aspect — if you upload your video to YouTube and then post it on your website, you can rely on YouTube’s servers instead of your own servers. This can help maintain a quick website speed and allow you to save storage on your website. Videos are heavy when it comes to their file sizes, so loading, buffering and streaming can slow your website down unless you use a platform like YouTube.

Building up a content bank on YouTube is a great idea, because when people see that you have multiple videos, they’re likely to watch more. It’s also a great way to add some SEO value to your online presence, and Google will see that as more credibility for your website. Be sure to fill out all the fields when you upload videos to YouTube — the more context and description you give, the better it is for SEO.

Michael Kierspe

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