10 Tips for Prompting Like a Pro on ChatGPT

If you’ve used ChatGPT or any other AI writing tools, you probably know that the quality of the prompts you provide directly influences the quality of the responses you receive. Alana shares ten tips/strategies for writing better prompts:

  • Do not start writing yet. Do you understand?
  • Please ask me any questions you need to help me write ___.
  • Write ___ based on the bullet points
  • Rephrase to make this more ___
  • Turn this into a tweet/caption/meta description for ___
  • Give 10 alternative headlines/subject lines/titles
  • Cut the length of this by 30%
  • Include info like your objective, audience, tone, keywords, CTA, etc.
  • What keywords should I use in this blog post/article/etc? / How can I improve SEO?
  • What do you remember about ___?

ChatGPT can be a helpful resource for writers, but it’s also important to fact-check the responses to ensure quality and accuracy. We like to think of AI as a tool, not a replacement for human creativity.

This week, Alana has been loving the GoodNotes app, which is a digital notebook that allows handwritten note-taking on an iPad, with additional features like checklist creation and customizable page colors. It may sound basic, but it comes in handy more often than you’d think!

Alana Harmond

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